Why Care About Brain Health?

January 30, 2018


Isn't really enough to care about general health?  What is all this talk about brain health?


Well, let's start by talking about health.  Most folks come to doctors when they are sick, not when they are healthy.  Health is when you are feeling fine.  So, you think about health as a given, and disease is the unfortunate 'bad luck' that comes along - something you have to deal with by going to the doctor.


It is not exactly like that.  If you work on your health, you can stay healthier longer - with less disease.


Brain health is about keeping your brain working at its best and trying to ward off diseases that can affect your brain.  All conscious thinking and unconscious control of body organs is centered in the brain.  The better you can think, the better you feel.  If you are in pain or depressed, your thinking is impaired.  If your attention or memory is not working right, then your thinking is not as good as it should be.  Thinking also affects personality traits and emotions like peace-of-mind, creativity, and happiness.


At Modiin Neurology Clinic, we value brain health.  We treat brain disease when it occurs, but we talk a lot about what you can do to promote brain health.  That involves, physical exercise, mental exercise, proper nutrition, and sufficient sleep.  Reducing stress is also a good idea.  Stay tuned for more on this ...



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